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Podcast Open Invitation

Here’s an open invitation to be a guest on my#podcast!

Your feeds have probably been bombarded with my#speech stuff at Jon Dao – The Conversation Coachand #fitness stuff at Architects of Aesthetics. I’m getting into a good groove of churning out material on a weekly basis on both fronts.

But! I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t admit to missing out on podcasting. It’s had different impacts on different stages of my life. It helped me cope with homesickness when I was in #Japan. It helped me keep up with #movies I’d never be able to see. It helped me stay creative and gave evidence to my psyche that I MADE something. And on top of that, it’s helped me meet and connect with a ton of people I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

I miss that. And I think one of the best things I can do as a speech coach is get back into the game. Meeting people and speaking to them on air presents a good challenge for me. What kind of rapport can I establish and what kind of stories can I draw out when it’s the first time speaking to a stranger?

So for anybody who’s interested in being a guest, shoot me a message! If anybody’s always wanted to start a show of their own but didn’t know how to get started? Here’s a good platform to test things out! On The Low Dao, we can talk just about anything!

Let’s talk!

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