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About the Shows

What are the different sounds of “Discussions with Dao”?

Currently Airing

  • The Low Dao: an evolution of one-to-one guest interviews that has butterflied into “the Asian Oprah that seeks motivational insight and success stories”

Jack N Out Connection_2

  • The Jack-n-Out Connection (w/co-host Blackout Trainer): health and fitness trends? At the beginning, sure. Then we started highlighting our guests’ backgrounds and specialties. And now, we’re back to doing health and fitness trends via roundtable discussion. Lots of side rants and tangents to be had. Huge fanbase at Fitocracy

Vagina Dialogues_3

  • The Vagina Dialogues (w/co-host the $93 Million Girl): a channel to explore the psyche and differences between men and women. Profanity and explicit topics abound. This show is the reason why all Discussion with Dao podcasts are tagged with the explicit rating.

image (10)

  • Blue Tooth Syutoku (w/co-host Nomura-san): the latest DWD podcast originated as a way to keep in touch with Hayato High School students. This show focuses on Japanese culture and language.

Off the Air

  • Master Ballers: an Elite Four of friends bonded by Pokemon! Not so much a gamer show, but more so a nostalgic look at how 90s gaming has influenced our transition into adulthood.
  • Vietmom Flashbacks: a vocal documentation of my Mom’s life story. Originally done to plot the details of her book.
  • Why I Workout: a very early fitness show that paved the way for the Jack-n-Out Connection.

Have an idea or topic to be covered on a show? Want to be a guest? Contact Jon at jonjiri @ icloud . com


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