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The Low Dao 69: Dr. Sally J. Foote

In this podcast, Dr. Sally J. Foote gives us the low down on pets! Dr. Foote works as a veterinariananimal behaviorist, and the Interim Director of Cattledog Publishing*.

You used to be part of a band?! (00:50)

Why pursue veterinarian school? (02:50)

What’s different about pursuing veterinarian school now compared to back then? (06:41)

What characteristics are important to possess for this field? (09:10)

What’s a typical day like for you? (12:37)

How do you keep work-life balance so you’re not overwhelmed? (15:00)

What is “low-stress handling”? (18:52)

How can you make the trip to the vet better for your pet? (24:23)

What is the Bella Behavior Label System? (28:10)

Fan Question (34:35)

Note: Cattledog Publishing is not actually a publishing company (i.e. while they do provide materials to learn about animal behavior, they don’t accept manuscript submissions to be considered for publishing).



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