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The Low Dao 62: Lorena Patti (Waggers Dog Works)

In this podcast, we have canine behavior specialist Lorena Patti from Waggers Dog Works to give us the lowdown on improving communication with your pets. Be sure to like the Waggers Dog Works Facebook Page and follow her on Twitter.

Fan Questions:

  • (25:15) What is your favorite dog breed?
  • (27:35) How does communication change as your pet ages?
  • (33:32) Does “baby talk” have its place when talking to your pet?
  • (34:40) How good is a dog’s memory?
  • (36:01) What type of pet is the hardest to understand and communicate with?
  • (40:10) What are some signals from pets most people don’t notice?
  • (45:40) How do you control a dog that won’t listen during a walk?


The Pet Professional Guild

Positively: The Future of Dog Training by Victoria Stilwell


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