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The Low Dao 57: Nancy Chang

Following the previous episode with Somy Ali, here’s another from Cosmopolitan Magazine‘s “Make Your Cause Your Career” article: Nancy Chang.

Nancy is the Board Chair of Skate Like a Girl and Executive Chair of Reel Grrls, as well as the recipient of the 2008 L’oreal Women of Worth.

Here’s a short excerpt from the podcast: My job as a skateboarder is to show the community that skateboarding has a lot of aspects to it. It’s not just one dimensional. You can do lots of things. Everyone can become a skateboarder. That’s still difficult for some people to think: between cheerleading and skateboarding, what would [most] people want their daughter to be in?

With Skate Like a Girl, it’s just fun to be able to see a community grow and change perceptions, and to have role models. You can choose to create what you want skateboarding to look like for yourself. And, I think with Skate Like a Girl that’s what we’ve done in Seattle, and Portland, and San Francisco. It’s just an inclusive community where people can come and meet friends. And especially in Seattle, we have a Youth Employment Skateboarding program. It offers people who don’t have traditional sports team affiliations to be involved in a community grounded group that has older mentors parents can trust and they themselves can also be mentors.


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