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The Low Dao 45: Kodysandwich

In this episode, I got the man behind the JNOC and VD logos: Kodysandwich! Tune in to hear about his approach to drawing and projects for 2014. Scroll below for some more samples of his work.

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Featured Artwork:



“It’s not like you can just trade the digital for what you do from now on…  [Digital] is quicker to do, and it’s easier on the hand. But you can’t trade anything for paper. Paper’s the best.”

“Drawing’s all about muscle memory. I don’t have some special spell that I do, I just constantly practice.”‘

“Developing your own style? That’s a hard one. It really comes from being a cartoonist. You don’t want to spend a whole bunch of time drawing some details, so you kind of dumb things down. You have to take some liberties. Basically, you limit yourself and that’s how you develop your style.”

“Well, I used [Deviantart] when I was like a kid in high school, so it’s got like a high school feel to it. So, I don’t really want to touch it again. It’s kind of gross. It’s like reading your yearbook. It’s real weird.”


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