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JNOC 48: Kellie Davis



It’s been over a year since Kellie’s last appearance! Here’s what’s in store this episode:

Post-Strong Curves

Fan Question (Carson Harper)

I’ve recently noticed that real strength training for women is popping up in places typically associated with “firm and tone” pink dumbell advice (Ex. Cosmo magazine had barbell squats and deadlifts in a recent fitness column, mind blown) Do you think we’re seeing a fundamental shift towards better fitness advice for women, or is this a fad that will fade out when people realize it’s hard work and it’s very difficult to market hard work?

My First Powerlifting Meet

Mock Client

  • Clarissa, 5’4″, 32 Years Old
  • 5 months pregnant
  • 3 years lifting experience, includes strength training
  • Goal: avoid unnecessary weight gain and get body back as quickly as possible after the birth



And, you come from a [different] perspective. Not the “no excuses”. It’s like, I got all this crap in my life, here’s how I fit fitness into my life because I’m not revolving life around fitness. I’m making fitness fit into my life, and I’m making it accessible, and I’m still making progress. ” – Chase

“It doesn’t have to be black and white. You have a structured workout and sure that makes your life easier. You have a template to follow. But if you don’t have 45 minutes to do that workout, you can do 10 minutes of it. If you don’t have time to train, you can take your dog for a walk. There’s so many ways you can make these incremental changes that will lead to overall better habits.” – Kellie

“So often we say, ‘You need to sleep when your baby sleeps’ but that’s never the case. When your baby is sleeping, you’re trying to get everything else done.” – Kellie


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