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The Vagina Dialogues 43: Single Friends and Married Friends

The Vagina Dialogues 43

Guy friends. Girl friends. Single friends. Married friends. Can we all get along?

 Special thanks to i5cream and Adam and Eve


“That’s why we got so many guy friends. Not because we’re interested romantically, but we just need to dump our emotional shit on someone who’s not a girl.”


“Once you get married it becomes a natural thing where you shy away from hanging out with single people one-on-one. For one, it gets uncomfortable. And two, you have less in common because you’re at two different parts of your life.”


“I think there’s a difference between ‘Oh, I happened to make a new friend/acquaintance, but if you’re older and married and actively seeking this almost, college fraternity aspect of ‘I got to have friends! I want to be friends with everyone!’ that would be weird.”


“Why would a single person want to be hanging around a married person all the time?”


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