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JNOC 47: Jordan Syatt



We got Jordan Syatt from Syatt Fitness! Here’s the rundown:

Training Kellie Davis and Ideal Clients

“The scale doesn’t tell the entire story. The first photo was 8 weeks ago when I started meet prep with Jordan. I weighed 131 lbs. My max squat was 1x 170, max bench 1 x 100, and max deadlift 3×225. Fast forward eight weeks and I weigh 141 with very little fat gain, with a max squat of 195, a max bench of 3 x 105, and a max deadlift of 3 x 245. Ten days before I hit the platform!”

[Jon vs. Jordan] If You Aren’t Having Fun, You Aren’t Doing it Right -> Should Fitness Be Something Fun?

Mock Client btmims
26 y/o, 225-230 lbs, 5’7″, 30% BF, about 3 years on and off in the gym.
  • Started on Stronglifts, went to a Powerlifting gym where we ran a periodized program w/ main movement+accessory work 4 days a week, now using Smolov for squat and Jr. for bench and deadlift (yeah I didn’t cut back on the deadlifts).
  • Also some pulling/pull ups, no real plan with those other than using pull up assistance machine to run a linear progression scheme w/ fat gripz for a bit (strengthen my small-ish hands, want more reps to get better at pull ups).
  • Broke collarbone 15 months ago, no major mobility issues (other than common hip/ankle mobility for getting ass-to-grass on lighter weights).
  • Would like to lose a little body fat with summer coming, but also want to keep nailing PR’s like they’ yo’ momma (current training/gym maxes 375/265/415).
Mock Client Thorsvald
30 year old male, h/w 5’10/ 202#,
25:00 5k.
approximately 19% BF.
Goal = recomp. 
Been lifting about 3 years now.

[Chase vs. Jordan] Competing for Aesthetics Instead of Strength



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