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The Low Dao 41: Ezra Yao

The Low Dao 41

I first found out about Ezra through his Reddit AMA “I’m a 23 year old guy who made a living for 3 years working in movies, porn, and clinical trials!” and knew I wanted to get him on the show. In this episode we definitely cover the porn talk, but also the pressures of living in a traditional Asian household. You can catch more of Ezra on his blog, Twitter and Facebook.


“It got to a point where I just said, ‘I’ve tried to please people my whole life. Always lived for other people. It’s time to do what’s best for myself’.”

“The first time that I walked in, I thought it was going to be an extremely awkward, uncomfortable situation for everyone. You know, the girl was going to show all kinds of weird signs about sexual abuse. Society tells you most girls who get into porn have been sexually abused and have some severe psychological issues which causes them to get in, right? When I got in, I realized that is the biggest load of bull I’ve heard in my life.”

“They get tested for STD’s every two weeks, so they’re less likely to have an STD. I mean, you ask a member of the general public when’s the last time they got tested, and they probably don’t know.”

“If people forget everything else I say, I want them to remember this: the argument that porn exploits women? It exploits their bodies? I’ve heard this from so many people, and I have a big problem with it for two reasons. First, if porn is exploiting a woman for her body, then you can make the same argument that professional sports exploit men for their body.

Their complaint is, oh, you’re just watching the woman as a sex object– you don’t care about who she is or how smart she is, just her looks. Well, that could apply to sports. You’re not watching Lebron James play basketball because you like who he is as a person. You’re watching him for the amazing feats his athletic body can do.

I don’t see the difference.

Number two, anytime I’ve been on set, the women have been highly respected. They bring in the majority of the money to the industry. But I have heard instances of porn stars saying they’ve been disrespected and treated poorly on set. My point regarding that is you can say that about any job. The one 9-5 I did, I was a waiter. They paid me minimum wage. They made me do all kinds of slave work. They did not respect me or my time at all. I went home broken and beaten every day.

Why is porn so much worse than any type of industry that exploits its workers?”

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