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The Low Dao 40: Audun Sorlie

The Low Dao 40 Audun Sorlie

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Cinco de Mayo, the only way to celebrate Audi’s birthday! On his 36th birthday, he shares the following wisdom with you all:

Networking (1:12)

  • Over-eagerness vs. Desperation
  • Be Yourself
  • Social Awkwardness and Reading People
  • Gaining and Abusing Trust

Writing a Book (21:50)

  • Audience
  • Purpose
  • Managing Pressure

I know the audience I’m writing for. I know why I’m writing it for them. I know why I’m writing this book, and why I should be writing this book.


Pixel Noir (37:05)

Work-life Balance (47:20)

  • Procrastination
  • Kidney Stones
  • Creating Animosity
  • Making Amends and Moving On

I’m gonna smile. I’m gonna laugh at a stupid YouTube video. Maybe I’m gonna make some delicious dinner with my girlfriend. Maybe I’m just never going to put pants on that day and just sit on the couch and fuck yeah. This is my day!

And from that, the next day, I’m so rejuvenated from actually giving myself that. I gave myself that time. I gave myself that day.







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