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The Low Dao 34: Sex Doesn’t Sell

The Low Dao 34

Sam joins me in some NSFW thought-provoking conversation.

Cracked Awesomeness (:53)

Sex Doesn’t Sell (2:05)

Old Spice (5:07)

Million Dollar Baby (9:14)

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One comment on “The Low Dao 34: Sex Doesn’t Sell

  1. Hare
    January 23, 2014

    Omg, I’m listening to this podcast, and you and Sam are *killing* me — I love you both, but you guise don’t grok advertising at ALL!

    Sex most definitely sells, and there’s a solid hundred years of proof to back that up (amirite). But there’s sooo much more to advertising than getting you to run out and buy something. Social psych was my favorite part of my (otherwise useless) major; and it’s subtle and not-so-subtle uses in advertising are absolutely fascinating.

    Gotta do a breathing treatment now, but I can certainly take you two down that rabbit hole…if you you’re sure you really want to take the red pill. ’cause you’ll never look at tv or print ads the same way again.

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