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JNOC Flashback: Shrug It Off


Little known fact: one of the original reasons I started podcasting was to cope with the homesickness I felt overseas. Being able to re-listen to conversations I had with my best friend gave me lots of food for thought. In these last couple of years, he’s really carved a path for himself as a personal trainer. He’s always been keen on life advice too.

This little snippet is way before I ever made it on to iTunes.

DoctorBlackJack: Last time I had that topic of “being bummed” to go off of. I’m doing really good these days, and I know you’re in a good place. Even when you’re down, you just keep it to yourself. But normally for people, that’s not a healthy attitude. Yet it comes out okay for you— why do you think that is?

BlackoutTrainer: Dude, I got no clue. I’m awesome? Well, I’m better than 99.9% of the population.

DoctorBlackJack: Chase is in the 1%.

BlackoutTrainer: I am the 1%.

DoctorBlackJack: Maybe it goes back to what I was saying earlier. You just got the ambition and the goals. There’s plenty of stuff you know you want to do.

BlackoutTrainer: Yeah, I don’t just have ambition, I have manbition. It’s pretty intense, Jon!

I guess out of all seriousness, I think it’s whatever works for you best. You know, I say I “keep stuff inside”, but it’s mainly about letting things go. It’s not like I keep everything inside because I’m strong. It’s the fact that if something gets on my nerves, I let it get on my nerves for that second, then I don’t think about it again. I don’t want to let something eat away at me. It’s not worth my life.

DoctorBlackJack: For real. That’s one of the things I’ve been having to learn: being able to take stuff at surface level. Brush things aside. It does wonders!


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