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The Low Dao 31: DJ Cutman

Low Dao 31 DJ Cutman

DJ Cutman’s been one of my fave chiptune/video game musicians out there. I finally got to meet him in person a few weeks ago at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. I managed to get him on the show, so here’s the life, success, and motivation of DJ Cutman!

The Name (:57)

The Costume (2:01)

Starting in the Studio (7:15)

Exiting the Rap Game (14:30)

“Struggling Musicians”/Starting Gamechops (17:30)

“Dude, it’s accountability, man!” (20:00)

Club Needlemouse (32:05)


6 comments on “The Low Dao 31: DJ Cutman

  1. Tom Sevart
    October 7, 2013

    “My life may suck and I have no money, but I made this sick beat!!”

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