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The Low Dao 27: Euni Lee Yoga


In this episode, I have Euni Lee spreading the yoga love! We cover her path from student to teacher and tackle a bunch of fan questions along the way. Here’s this episode’s breakdown:

Starting Yoga (1:53)

Styles of Yoga (7:00)

From Student to Teacher (9:56)

Impact of Yoga (16:51)

Future Plans (22:14)

Fan Question: What do you think about dudes who join just to check out the girls? (23:31)

Formosasfinest (Knifehands) Fan Q: Can Yoga overload? (25:32)

CongressTart Fan Q: What do you think weightlifters learn from yoga and vice versa? (26:12)

XJenX Fan Q: What Can/Can’t Yoga Do? (31:45)

DannyG78 Fan Q: How do you work yoga into active healing? (36:50)

Fan Q: Styles of Yoga beginners should avoid? (41:09)

Fan Q: Are there styles of yoga free of the the religious/spiritual aspect? (44:39)

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