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JNOC 33: RickFC

JNOC 33 RickFC

With BlackoutTrainer missing in action, we have Rick Fried Chicken filling in! That’s right, this time it’s the Jack-n-Chicken Connection! Here’s this show’s content breakdown:

Promax Contest (:58)

Rick’s Injury and Road to Recovery (3:04)

Balancing Caution and Exertion, the BS of “No Pain, No Gain” (6:50)

The BS of “Sweat is Fat Crying” (9:00)

Man of Steel Fangirling (12:15)

Tornado Talk, Support Fitocrat Smugzug HERE (20:15)

2 comments on “JNOC 33: RickFC

  1. Chris Hardway
    May 26, 2013

    Thanks for taking the time to even mention the storms guys. My family and I have been humbled by the outreach of everyone so far, it really it quite heartening to know that so many people out there have compassion for us, and for all those affected by the storms. It will definitely be a long process, but with everyone’s support it is definitely getting more manageable.

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